Hello world!

Hello World! so here it is my first blog post for the XAMJWG project.┬áSo today it is the 28/11/2015 and the days are counting down till Christmas. I absolutely love this time of year as it gives me time to wind down and work on my self improvement, at the moment i am reading the book “The Greatest Prospector In The World” by Ken Dunn, and wow this really is some book! Ken is a master prospector in the network marketing industry and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares with us in his books. You might wonder why i’m reading a book about prospecting, well let me tell you… Back in 2014 i fancied myself a career change, something that was going to challenge me and take me to knew heights. My girlfriend was involved in network marketing and she kept telling me about this great opportunity that could change our life’s, unfortunately it didn’t but i learnt a hell of a lot from the time i spent being involved. It opened my eyes to an entire new world of people, business and positivity. It gave me the confidence to just go for things in life instead of sitting and waiting around for something good to happen. The XAMJWG project is my latest endeavor, armed with a Nikon D3200 and a whole lot of imagination i’m ready to take on the UK and go into the new year with a bang! Blogs, Projects, Partners, Learning Curves and experiences is all going to be apart of this project. I hope that my work and my story inspires YOU to do something that that you have always wanted to but never had the courage to just go for it. Forgive me for this being such a short post i am totaly stacked out with work at this moment in time but i can’t wait to connect with you guys. Have a good one !
Charlie Whitehouse

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