A Little Bit About Me & AXMJWG..

Hi, welcome to my blog / photography project. My name is Charlie Whitehouse, i am 24 years old and have a new found passion for photography, my background is in web design and i’m really into personal development, in my spare time if i’m not working that is you may find my climbing a mounting in Scotland or even skiing down one in France. The purpose of the AXMJWG project is to share my journey with the world, on here you will find me blogging about personal development, my latest projects, partners and people that i’m currently working with and the progress of my journey so far. I would love for this blog to get me connected with like-minded people across the entire globe where we can share our work and stories with each other. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and the XAMJWG project if you would like to connect the reach out to me.
Yours Sincerely
Charlie Whitehouse.