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Discover What to Do in Birmingham During the Winter

Birmingham may be a large city within England, but that doesn’t mean that there is a plethora of things to do there during the winter months.  Obviously, everyone can listen to the Birmingham Heritage and Culture Association, which has been in existence since 1967, and attend one of the theatrical performances that they suggest.  After all, the association is all about preserving the culture in this area!  However, there are plenty of other things for people to do when the temperatures drop, and the snow starts to fly.

Here are 4 things that everyone must do in Birmingham during the winter:

  • Take Day Trips

Just because a person lives in Birmingham doesn’t mean that they need to stay there during the winter months.  Instead, they should take fascinating day trips to see sights that include a phenomenal library, secret gardens, Cadbury’s world of chocolate, and the birthplace of Shakespeare.

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  • Visit Canon Hill Park and Play in the Snow

While there is never a guarantee of how much snow Birmingham is going to get each year, there is nothing wrong with hoping for enough so that everyone can going sledding in the park.  Canon Hill Park is also a great place to build a snowman or two and it is near the MAC Café, which is the perfect place to grab a cup of hot cocoa or a cup of coffee.

  • Go Shopping

Wintertime is the best time to go shopping in Birmingham, especially just before or after the holiday season.  Everything is brightly lit up and there are sales to be found in every store.  One of the best shopping options is Bullring, as it has so many unique stores and boutiques, and is guaranteed to have everything on everyone’s list.

  • Visit the Christmas Market

Speaking of shopping, directly outside of Bullring is the spectacular Christmas Market.  This market is exactly like the ones that a person would find in Germany, but no travel is necessary.  Everyone can grab holiday decorations, have a little bite to eat, and visit with family and friends while listening to the music playing in the background.

Anyone that does these four things during the winter months will be guaranteed to keeping the traditions of the locals alive in this city, which is something that the Birmingham Heritage and Culture Association will be thrilled about.  They have worked long and hard, as they have dedicated numerous hours creating ways to get people involved in their city and the community, while preserving the past.

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