Dave O'Connor

Hi guys just wanted to do a quick blog post about a mindset coach i have been using for the last 16 months, his name is Dave O’Connor and he’s a 7 figure MLM coach. I started listening to Dave when i started having self belief issues in my previous en-devour that i mentioned in my last post, i was told that Dave is the man to go to. I started out reading affirmations thirty minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before i would go to sleep, consistently telling myself i am this, i can do that, i have unshakable belief etc.. I had been doing this religiously for a week now and i did not see any benefit from it and wasn’t sure that it would work, i told my mentor straight away and she said you need to stick with it, give it time and trust me.
So it did.. Continue reading Dave O'Connor

Hello world!

Hello World! so here it is my first blog post for the XAMJWG project. So today it is the 28/11/2015 and the days are counting down till Christmas. I absolutely love this time of year as it gives me time to wind down and work on my self improvement, at the moment i am reading the book “The Greatest Prospector In The World” by Ken Dunn, and wow this really is some book! Continue reading Hello world!