Why Trees Are Good For The World

Trees are essential for the health and sustainability of our planet. They provide us with oxygen, sequester carbon dioxide, prevent soil erosion, create habitats for wildlife, regulate water cycles, and help to protect against extreme weather events like floods and hurricanes. Trees also provide shade and cooling in hot climates, reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound waves, reduce air pollution by trapping toxic particles in their leaves and bark, and even contribute to improved mental health by creating calming environments.

There are many benefits to tree removal or hedge cutting when it is done responsibly. Tree removal can help open up land for development where tree cover is too dense or unsafe (e.g., near power lines). It can also open up space for new tree planting, which can help diversify tree species, create more tree cover, and potentially reduce the risk of disease or pests that could affect a single tree species. Continue reading Why Trees Are Good For The World

How To Lay Block Paving

The block paving process begins by preparing the base for the block pavers. This is done by excavating a shallow trench and filling it with a layer of compacted sub-base and sand. If installing block pavers in an area that is subject to heaving, such as around tree roots, then additional layers may be needed. Once the excavation and base have been prepared, block pavers can begin to be laid.

For block paving projects in Staffordshire, using block pavers from local suppliers ensures that you get blocks that are better suited for your climate. Blocks from further afield may suffer from frost damage or other weathering effects over time. When laying block paving in Staffordshire, use block pavers with a minimum compressive strength of 6.0MPa and a minimum flexural strength of 3.0MPa to ensure maximum durability.

The block paving is laid in courses, with each block interlocked together using joints filled with kiln-dried sand. This helps to keep the pavers firmly locked in place, preventing them from shifting or becoming loose over time. As block paving can be designed for decorative effects, Continue reading How To Lay Block Paving