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Hi Guys i wanted to put an informative post up about about the interlace between photography and web design.. Enjoy!
Since the appearance of the camera, photography never stopped being a much-appreciated art form. Even in modern days, when technology is everywhere, and anyone is capable of taking a photo, this art form did not go obsolete. More than that, it is incorporated in the web design of many websites. Apparently, no high-tech graphics can be as personal as a photo can. People tend to identify themselves with a picture on the internet, making photography a sought after technique when it comes to online design. Regardless of the website’s theme, an experienced photographer will always manage to make those pictures that will be able to tell more than an informative text.
You can be one of the most talented web designers out there, but you will never manage to get the same type of connection with the visitors of a website without the help of well-made photos. It is not an offense brought to your skills, and we also do not doubt what you are capable of, we just try to walk in the shoes of most website viewers. They might not have a clue what web design is but will notice the images posted on its interface. Those images have the ability to impact each viewer, depending on how they are made. So do not disregard the potential of photography in web design, because the outcome can be very surprising.
Before an Internet user reads the content of a website, he will first notice the images, if they exist. The Internet is, above all, a place where visual senses are aroused first, and only after we extract the information we consider useful. So compelling photography can make a difference between keeping visitors on a web page and driving them off, is there is a lack of photos, or they are poorly made. When creating a website, it is always advisable to seek the skills of a personal photographer. It is not enough just to take some pictures and include them in the web design. If you want a professional appearance, those photos will have to be made by following a purpose, set by what you or your client is set out to obtain in the end.
Why is photography so important in our society?
Because sight is one of our most important abilities. It is the way we connect with the surrounding environment. We first want to see something and then find out what that thing is all about. Thus, photography is a powerful form of design. If you manage to find those images that will best represent the site’s idea, the entire site will have a story to tell. First, by using the photos and second, by using the information it will transmit to its visitors. It doesn’t have to be filled with pictures of all kind or look like an online photo gallery. It is enough just to have those photos that will best incorporate the message that website is looking to pass on, to anyone accessing it.

Hope you enjoyed it people, let me know if you feel you got any value from it.
Charlie Whitehouse

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