Photography Takes me to a Wonderful Place

In today’s modern society, we tend to value two things, which are time and speed. We never seem to have enough time, especially to do the things that make us happy. And we always are on a continuous run from one place to another. We forgot to slow down and notice the small things that make this life enjoyable and fulfilling. So my XAMJWG photography project is a challenge to slow down and immortalize those moments we often disregard, caught in the rapid vortex of our everyday lives. To make this happen, I had to find a way to chase all my worries away and appreciate the simple things in life. I remember how my grandma used to tell me how people back in the days did not hurry, having time to contemplate their surroundings and find joy in what we may find insignificant. I wanted to try to capture those things in images.
So the first step I took was to go downtown and grab a coffee on a terrace I could watch the people pass by. It was like time froze for a while. I just sit there, rushing nowhere, just enjoying my coffee and looking at people. It is amazing how many expressions you manage to see in the crowd of people. Each of them transmits a particular message, displaying a broad smile, a shy look, a worried or frowned face, they are caught by surprise or act disgusted. It was the day in which I probably took the biggest number of portraits in my entire life. But I wanted to see how the urban atmosphere is, how people look on an ordinary day and I must admit that each smile I found and photographed brought joy to my soul. It was nice to find some happiness around.
The second part of the project was to find the small and simple things in our surroundings, so I decided to go in the outskirts of the town, somewhere I could find some green spaces. I also decided to do something I rarely do, and that is to go and watch the sunshine. For the first time, I was looking at it because I wanted to, and not because it caught me all weary after a long party. And I must admit that it was a fantastic show displayed by Mother Nature. I did not go home because I wanted to discover more of what this environment was willing to offer to my camera. I pictured birds, bees and butterflies while doing their job among flowers, clouds passing by, and anything that was fascinating to my eye. What was the final feeling I got in the evening? I felt refreshed and recharged with positive energy, even if I had to wake up very early in the morning, and I obtained a set of incredible photos.
I believe that the XAMJWG photography project was not only an experiment for making a new type of photos, but also a way to learn to slow down and just enjoy life. It is something I would repeat any time because it was relaxing and fulfilling at the same time.

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